Mirika Hayatou

I love underrated stuff

24 | non binary | INFP | 9w1 | aroace / queer


Just a weeb who can't draw nor write (•_•)

Mostly into otoge, seiyuus and Kondo Takashi



What I am Into

I don'y really have things I really love tbh I usually get into things for a while and lose interest ><

All Time Top Animes

All Time Fav Anime

Series I'm into

- idolish7
- project sekai
- ensemble stars

Fav Characters

Since 2012 T_T If u know him ILY


My current love - She's too precious for this world

Everyone in i7 is precious but I came to love Mitsuki he always does his best ;-;

Umi Best girl <3 The first idol anime I loved so much

Favorite Seiyuus

  • If you know my fav chara you will know why I love his voice

  • His range is amazing from high to deep he can do them all

  • Oh he is the awkward person I have ever seen

  • I always relate to him and we even share the same birthday

  • Harem King

  • Ikebo Voice

  • Shota Voice

  • Cat voice

  • I just respect him so much

  • Liked his cute voice since 'free' but feel in love with his Jude in tales

  • And he is the sweetest in real life too

  • A real angel

  • Who doesn't love this guy

  • Cute handsome sexy

  • I actually fell in love because of his looks the moment I saw him

  • Actually hated the first chara he voiced but now his voice is just charming

  • Best Singer I love his songs so much

  • His voice is just angelic and powerful

  • Used to find him cute but he prefers to be handsome he really hated being called cute before becoming a singer T_T


Maeno Tomoaki

  • The only person whoes deep voice which alway kills me

  • Dork irl too

Fav Songs

Fav Singers

  • Fujita Maiko (Hiiro no Kakera anyone?)

  • BoA

Games I play/like

I like to try new games but I usually get bored of it :P

Samurai Love Ballad

Project Sekai

Ensemble Stars EN

Dragon Raja


Tales of Xilla 2